Pros and Cons of Travelling Long Distance By Bus

Bus travel is extremely fun, especially when you are with your family, friends, partner, or other close people. When your bus passes through beautiful routes, lush green fields, towering hills, deep villages, winding roads, and small hamlets, the travel experience is extraordinary. You get to witness the beauties of India while sitting in your comfortable seat. Moreover, it has also become convenient as you can book your bus within a few taps on a bus booking app like Goibibo. But when you are travelling for a long distance, the journey may get boring at times. Though there are several advantages of travelling long distances by bus, there are numerous disadvantages too to consider. So, here we are going to discuss these top merits and demerits of travelling long distances by bus.


The major pros of visiting a far-away place by bus include:


There is no doubt that a bus journey is economical and helps you save a lot on your travel. And when you are travelling long distances, it is surely going to be a lot cheaper in comparison to what you would have paid for train travel or flights.


One of the significant reasons why people travel long distances by bus is accessibility. There are innumerable places in the country that cannot be visited by train or flight. In such cases, you need to travel by bus. Moreover, all the villages and towns of the country are connected to each other by bus routes. So, if you wish to go from Hyderabad to Goa, you have several buses plying between the two destinations.


Another advantage of travelling long distances by bus is that the bus makes for a safer means of travelling in comparison to driving. Imagine you want to visit a small village tucked in the dense woods of Himachal Pradesh, would you be confident to drive on the rugged and winding roads that lead to the town? Well, certainly not because it wouldn’t be safe at all and this is where buses help you explore places.


The major cons of travelling a long distance by bus include:


When you travel long distances by bus, your journey will surely get monotonous as the bus won’t take many halts on your way. You would have no option but to just look out of your window and enjoy the surroundings. At most, you can bring your entertainment along with you such as a laptop, tab, games, etc so that you can enjoy the journey.


Unless you have booked a premium bus with all modern facilities including Wi-Fi, toilet, etc., and sleeper or semi-sleeper seats with comfortable bedding, your bus journey on a long distance would be uncomfortable and inconvenient for you. It is because you wouldn’t be able to sit for long on seater buses and government roadways. Moreover, there will come several places on the way where you won’t be able to even use the internet.


Of course, a bus journey is time-consuming because it cannot match the travel speeds of trains and flights. If you are reaching a place in 7 hours on a train, the bus is going to take some extra time to reach there. So, go for long-distance bus travel only if you have enough time to dedicate to your journey.

So, download a bus booking app right now and relish the best bus booking experience!

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